Real Estate is a BIG Investment!

For many of us, purchasing our homes is the biggest investment that we will ever make in our lives. Make certain that your dreams of a life happily ever after in your new home does not erode into a legal nightmare.

When signing a legal document to commit to purchase a home, make certain that you consult with an attorney before signing the Purchase and Sale Agreement. The P&S is not a mere formality. It is the legal deal that you will be bound to. Make certain that it protects your interest and contains the necessary contingencies that you may require under the circumstances.

When it is time for financing and the formal closing, consult with an attorney. The title company hired by the bank is not your attorney. They represent the bank — not you. You may have separate rights that need protecting. A legal consultation here is also a great low cost idea.

New Hampshire is a great place to live. Make certain that the home that you will pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into through mortgage payments, taxes and improvements turns out to be your surprise free dream home.