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Under New Hampshire worker’s compensation law, an employee who is injured by a work-related accident or illness is entitled to numerous benefits including weekly disability payments, payment of medical bills and partial weekly payments if only able to return to work for light duty. There are also other benefits including permanent impairment awards, vocational rehabilitation benefits, job protection and others. It is important to know your rights!

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By law, an injured or sick worker in New Hampshire can receive weekly disability benefits usually equal to 60% of his or her average weekly wage. Weekly disability benefits are not taxed by the IRS. The payment will be based on an average weekly wage computed from prior earnings. In some cases, a low wage earning injured worker can even qualify for weekly disability benefits that are more than 60% of his or her average weekly wage. The calculation of weekly disability benefits can also include part-time jobs that the worker can no longer do because of the work-related injury or illness.

Under the New Hampshire Department of Labor regulations, an insurance carrier must pay for medical bills caused by the workers comp injury or illness on a timely basis. If they refuse to pay, your attorney could be awarded attorney fees on an appeal to the department of labor hearing officer. Refusal to pay just medical bills without a fight is an increasing problem in our opinion.

If the injury is serious and the worker will have permanent impact, the worker is frequently entitled to additional lump sum compensation for documented permanent impairment. Consult with an attorney. The insurance company frequently does not remind you of this important right.

If you are hurt on the job due to someone else’s fault like a car crash, we frequently are able to obtain additional third party benefits. Explore your rights.

We represent injured or sick workers in connection with claims for worker’s compensation benefits. Call us to discuss your specific facts and circumstances.

Avoid Workplace Injury

One of the toughest hardships to have to live through is a serious injury on the job that puts you out of work. Just one mistake today can cause pain, financial difficulty, and mental and emotional distress for years.

It is your right to work in a safe working environment. The equipment you use and the vehicles you drive should be in good condition. If you work with chemicals, it is your right under State law to know the impact of those chemicals on your health, and to be adequately trained in their proper use.

If you do have an injury or disability that is caused by your employment situation, check with a lawyer before agreeing to any settlement. Some insurance companies and employers may offer settlements to you that are primarily in their own interests, not yours. Your disability may be long-term, making it difficult or impossible for you to ever work in your profession again. In that case, a lawyer will look to obtain a long-term benefit for you.


Disclaimer: Remember that every case is different, and we are not able to promise in advance what your case result will be. We outline below samples of the types of cases that we have handled before. Please note that this is an example of the types of cases that we see and is not intended to reflect any individual client.

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