Did you know that approximately every 30 seconds, an American files for bankruptcy protection after a serious health problem.

Bankruptcy could stop harassing phone calls from creditors and save your house, car and pension plans.

Your family deserves a fresh start. It is time to speak to a bankruptcy lawyer to understand your rights.

While many individuals are embarrassed with the thought of having to file bankruptcy, you may owe it to your family and yourself to have a second start in life. Many of our clients are surprised at how affordable and quick the process is. New Hampshire state laws and federal bankruptcy laws control the rights and obligations of individual debtors as well as the creditors. In New Hampshire you can usually keep your house by filing a reaffirmation with your first mortgage bank. You usually can keep your car and begin to develop credit again.

“I will tough it out, but we will never get out of this financial hole.”

The Normand & Associates law firm helps individuals, families and small businesses to get a fresh start in life during these difficult economic times. We can actually stop the harassing phone calls and shepherd you through the bankruptcy filing process. Contact us today.

Sample Bankruptcy Cases

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Disclaimer: Remember that every case is different, and we are not able to promise in advance what your case result will be. We outline below samples of the types of cases that we have handled before. Please note that this is an example of the types of cases that we see and is not intended to reflect any individual client.