At Normand Highham, we undertake personal injury and wrongful death claims related to premises liability, construction negligence, workers’ compensation, product liability and automobile accidents. Our attorneys can advise you about your options and whether you may be entitled to compensation for your injury. Contact our experienced Manchester, NH personal injury attorneys for a free consultation.

You maybe entitled to compensation if any of these injuries have happened to you:

  • Struck by a car pulling into an intersection.

  • Fall down stairs or get injured when your home or place of work is under renovation.

  • You are harmed by a defective product.

  • Are you entitled to money damages? You could be!

In our system of justice, a person is entitled to fair and full monetary compensation when injured as a result of someone else’s carelessness. This includes compensation for medical bills, time out from work, future lost work, future medical and rehabilitation bills, pain, suffering, and inconvenience.

The auto accident and injuries that it caused really frightened me and my future. Normand & Associates eliminated all the hassle and won a fair verdict for me in court.
— Injury Client

The amount of compensation to which you are entitled will depend on the severity of the injuries sustained and the expected future problems as a result of those injuries.

Frequently, these claims are handled by the firm on a contingency fee, where we only get paid when and if we achieve a monetary reward for you. We often achieve acceptable settlements for our clients without going to trial. However, when settlement offers are too low to be acceptable, we are ready and able to go to court demanding justice from judge or jury. Our compensation is based upon a percentage of the award our client receives.

Please visit the Injury Awards page for examples of recent settlements in personal injury cases that we have secured for our New Hampshire clients.

Example Injury Case Results

$125,000 Uninsured Motorist Arbitration Award - Vehicle Accident

Client’s own insurance company refused to make a fair settlement offer when client was hit by an uninsured driver. We took the case to binding arbitration where the three (3) member arbitration panel awarded our client and his wife $125,000, a number twice the amount of the last insurance company offer.

$81,000 Super Bowl Sunday Fall - Slip and Fall Accident

Our client was exiting a Manchester restaurant facility on Super Bowl Sunday after watching the game. Evidently, the snowplowing practice of the restaurant was to plow snow in area that we felt would encourage the snow to melt and then freeze in the parking lot, causing a dangerous condition to patrons on foot. Additionally, the lighting was determined to be inadequate and a damaged light pole had not been repaired by the facility. The injuries included a broken tibia. Medical expenses were $30,000, and lost earnings were $11,000. The insurance company argued that the restaurant did not have liability and that the plaintiff made a good recovery. The case settled after suit, but prior to trial

$55,000 Lump Sum Settlement For Young Seasonal Landscaper - Workers Compensation

Our client, a 26-year old seasonal landscaper, sustained a herniated disc while working on landscaping equipment. Our young client had surgery, made a good recovery, but needed to hire a lawyer when the workers’ compensation insurance carrier denied his benefits. We prevailed at a hearing where the hearing’s officer at the New Hampshire Department of Labor determined that our client, in fact, did get hurt while on the job. Our client decided that landscaping work would be too heavy for him in the future, and he obtained a truck driving job.

Disclaimer: Remember that every case is different, and we are not able to promise in advance what your case result will be. We outline below samples of the types of cases that we have handled before. Please note that this is an example of the types of cases that we see and is not intended to reflect any individual client.

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