motorcycle injury law firm in NH

Personal Knowledge

Attorney James Normand has held a motorcycle license since 1980 and has been practicing personal injury law since that time. Representation by an attorney who rides can make a difference in understanding the cause of the accident.

So, the first goal is to be conspicuous to try to avoid a crash with a careless driver. We encourage our clients to take a motorcycle safety course and pay special attention to potentially careless drivers on the roadway or entering a roadway. However,when a crash occurs, first seek appropriate medical attention, take photos of the area if possible, identify possible witnesses and seek legal help from those who understand motorcycles and the nature of motorcycle crashes. You will have plenty of questions:

  • Do I have a case? What is it worth?
  • Why do I need an attorney?
  • How much will this cost me?
  • Who is going to pay my medical bills?

Our skilled legal team can answer these and many other questions you may have. We care about your concerns and we are here to help. You and your family deserve fair compensation for your injuries, financial losses, pain and disability both past and future.

Studies have repeatedly shown that clearly visible motorcycles along the roadway are simply not readily noticed by automobile drivers who pull out right in front of the motorcyclist or turn left across the lane of the motorcyclist. When the motorcycle is up against a car or truck, the motorcyclist always loses.

Jim Normand Racing his Motorcycle

Jim Normand Racing his Motorcycle

Motorcycle injuries can be difficult claims since other drivers frequently blame the motorcyclist for “driving too fast" or "coming out of nowhere."  Since motorcyclists are frequently severely injured and deserve fair and just compensation for their present injuries and future problems, it is important that the motorcyclist work with a law firm who regularly handles motorcycle injury cases.

We understand the legal rules of the road and understand the human dynamics that causes a driver to say that the “motorcycle came out of nowhere.” It didn’t and the driver simply made a mistake. That is legal negligence. We frequently work with accident reconstruction specialists who clearly document the negligence of the car driver with measurements, line of sight documentation and charts that make it easy for the insurance company and the court to understand. We also regularly work with physicians and other health care providers to clearly document the injuries and likely future health problems and costs.

A big component of a motorcycle injury claim is documentation of past lost earnings and future lost earning capacity. In order to document the claim and obtain just compensation for our clients, we frequently work with vocational rehabilitation specialists as well as economists to document the earnings loss since the crash and into the future.

A well prepared and documented case frequently leads to a fair settlement out of court. If the insurance company is not reasonable, however, and the claim is just, we go to court to prove the case and force them to pay.