Permanent scarring, infection, disability, emotional distress, post traumatic stress disorder, and other lifelong conditions could result from a serious animal bite. If the owner of the animal was careless, he or she may be liable, and you may be entitled to fair monetary compensation.

How can you ever replace the smile of a 7-year old girl licking an ice cream cone? Our 7-year old client had such an occurrence when an innocent-looking Cocker Spaniel tore into her face, causing permanent scarring on the cheek and lip area. The owner and his insurance company fought the claim. They ended up paying reasonable compensation that allowed us to establish a structured annuity, making payments through the college years and early adult life of this child.

You and Your Family Deserve Fair Compensation

When a dangerous dog attacks another individual’s pet, the owner of the dangerous dog may be liable for the veterinary bills and other damage caused to the victimized pet. Under certain circumstances, the traumatized pet owner may also be able to recover.

When you are the victim of a dog or animal attack, consult an attorney with experience with these cases to know your rights and options before you reach any agreement with the animal owner or his insurance company.

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