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You are not alone. Let our more than 32 years of experience work for you. It’s completely free to speak with us. Remember, we are paid only if we are successful and win your case for you. We have experience in all six New England States. Get the monthly benefits you deserve.

Even if you have already been denied, our experienced Social Security lawyers have a high success rate on appeal and can typically overturn an initial denial. 

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We are a part of Normand | Higham Law Firm in Manchester, NH which has been representing injured individuals all over New England for over 30 years. Our team of dedicated lawyers, seasoned claims adjusters, and tenacious paralegals have a high success rate and will fight on your behalf to get you the benefits you deserve.

Even if your case has been originally denied, don’t give up, you have the right to appeal! We are frequently able to overturn initial denials and ensure that our clients receive full benefits.

Statistically, claimants are much more successful when they have an attorney on their side for a number of reasons.


  • know the process
  • have forms and letters to help doctors answer the key questions that SSA needs to make a finding that you are entitled to benefits
  • can often speed up the process by doing an on the record request
  • can monitor the case to make sure Social Security gets all the records. Our approved Social Security representatives have access to Social Security files online which allows them to monitor our clients’ files in real-time.

Disclaimer: Remember that every case is different, and we are not able to promise in advance what your case result will be. We have outlined samples of the types of cases that we have handled before as reference.

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Sample SSDI Disability Cases