Cindee Carter

Cindee Carter is an eligible non-attorney representative, certified to represent claimants before the Social Security Administration in all jurisdictions across the country. At Normand|Higham she devotes all of her time to representing the interests of our Social Security clients.

 Ms. Carter joined the firm in 2014. She has an extensive legal background of 20 years; much of that time was spent working with the three NH legal service organizations. She is well respected in the legal community for her knowledge of her practice areas and her advocacy skills. She has a very high success rate winning cases before Administrative Law Judges as well as at the application level. We are proud of her accomplishments, the high degree of drive and dedication as well as the compassion she brings to her cases.

 Ms. Carter graduated summa cum laude from Granite State College. She is a past board member of the Paralegal Association of New Hampshire. She is a member of NOSSCR and Law & Society Association.

 Ms. Carter resides in Rye, NH with her husband Bill, a renowned Southern New Hampshire musician. 

Cindee Carter can be reached by:

phone: 603-624-6655


Representative cases:

Application level award: SSDI

Facts: 54 year old construction worker claimed disabilities due to uncontrolled diabetes that developed into a blood disorder and uncontrolled sore on his leg. 

Court: This matter was initially reviewed on the application filed by the claimant himself.  The claim was initially denied.  After he hired the law firm, we were able to re-open the application and presented medical evidence not considered by the administration.  The Manchester office upon their further review granted the claimant’ application for Social Security Disability benefits with an arrears benefit of $23,000 to the claimant. 


Hearing Award: SSDI / SSI/ Family Benefits

Facts: 43 year old client had severe PTSD, depression, bi-polar, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, and other related disabilities.  She was denied social security benefits at the application level.  Social Security claimed that her disabilities were not severe, they did not interfere with her activities of daily living, and she still had a work capacity.

Hearing: After filing a pre-hearing brief referencing specific medical records and attended a, the administrative judge found that she met a listing, even at age 43, and awarded retroactive benefits totaling $23,000 for claimant and $11,000 for her children plus continued monthly benefits.